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Mead is a small agricultural community situated just 10 miles Northeast of Longmont, Colorado. It has a rich agricultural history which began with its founder, L.C. Mead in 1908 when the town was incorporated. L.C. Mead built upon an existing Highlandlake community. The railroad built on the edge of L.C. Mead’s property fueled the town’s economy, transporting crops.

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Today, Mead has grown into a lovely place to raise a family. This close-knit community is still agriculturally based and has a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Fast Facts

  • Town Name: Mead
  • Settled: 1906
  • Population: 3,985

interesting Fact

  • Mead, Colorado was the filming location for Die Hard 2. Most of the movie’s filming took place at the town's historic Highlandlake Church.
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