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Jamestown is one of the oldest mining towns in Colorado. In its heyday, about 400 miners lived here, and one claim produced more than $5 million in gold and copper ore. However, the boom lasted only a few years before the town was deserted for a decade. Remnants of the mining town's hotels, dance halls and parlor houses are still present here, but the town's most visible elements are a series of restored cabins, now converted to year-round residences.

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Present-day Jamestown is a quiet mountain community; steep canyon walls and thick forests surrounding the hamlet limit its growth. Stop by the Mercantile, the town's only spot for food and drinks and a great place to meet and converse with local residents, a mix of independent thinkers and artists. Visitors from neighboring towns are drawn to Jamestown's attractions, from trailheads lining nearby Lefthand and James canyons to the steep, paved roads popular with road bikers. Nearby Brainard Lake has hiking at the foot of craggy mountains, as well as fishing and picnicking. Rugged, unpaved mining roads near Jamestown are perfect for popular four-wheel-driving adventures. This historic area has a charm all its own.



Fast Facts

  • Town Name: Jamestown
  • Settled: 1863
  • Population: 269

interesting Fact

  • One of the oldest mining camps in Colorado, Jamestown Elementary School is one of the few reaiming 'one-room' schools in the country.
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